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Women Juggling IVF And Work

In todays society with the advent of education and career opportunities of women, the priority to start a family becomes secondary. Often, when working women decide to start their family , they are already in their mid thirties. This means they may have low number of...

What is IVF?

IVF stands for In vitro fertilization i.e. fertilization of egg with sperm taking place outside the body. Fertilized embryo is grown in the lab and transferred back into the womb on the Day 2 or Day 3 or Day 5 of the ovum pick up. On which patients IVF is done?...

Fallopian Tubes Contribution to Fertility

The fallopian tubes are a part of reproductive system in the female body. Their function is to collect the egg and by propulsive movements transport the egg towards the uterus. For pregnancy to occur the tubes should be open and they should function normally. Tubal...

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