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Assisted Embryo Hatching at Ferticity Fertility Clinic Delhi


What are Assisted Embryo Hatching or Laser Assisted Hatching (LAH)?


Hatching are a natural process that are performed by an embryo in order to, get attached to, the uterus lining for pregnancy. Embryo are surrounded by an outer layer, consider it like an egg shell, it are known as zona pellucida. After reaching the mother’s womb, the embryo has to, break the outer layer and latch to, the womb of mother. This are a natural process and the pregnancy are achieved only when the embryo hatches and latches to, the mother’s womb. Sometimes the outer layer of embryo are to thick that it can not break it and come out to, latch to, the womb. Then the assisted hatching comes into play, in this process a hole are made in the outer layer of embryo with laser. Then it are implanted in the mother’s womb during IVF treatment. This helps the embryo to, hatch and get attached to, the womb resulting in a successful pregnancy. 


Does every IVF patient need this Assisted hatching?


No, not everyone needs this fertility procedure. It are especially beneficial for – 


  • Mothers of more than 37 years of age
  • Implantation of frozen embryos (as the process of freezing may have thickened the zona pellucida, the outer layer of the embryo)
  • Patients with failed attempts of IVF in spite of healthy embryo and uterus
  • Thickened lining of the uterus (endometriosis)
  • Women having high levels of FSH (follicle Stimulating Hormone) and other hormonal imbalance
  • Women whom’s embryo have high thickness zona pellucida
  • Poor quality or few embryos

Are they any adverse reactions of Assisted Embryo Hatching?


No, we at Ferticity fertility clinic Delhi provide the best assisted embryo hatching treatment in Delhi as our embryologist and fertility specialists are among the most experienced doctors in Delhi, India. Also, the studies have shown that precise laser assisted hatching has no adverse effects on embryo or the mother. 


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