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Surrogacy is a procedure of assisted reproduction in which the eggs from a female and sperm of the male are fertilized outside in the laboratory under favorable conditions. The embryo thus produced is then implanted inside the uterus of the surrogate which agrees to bear the child of the couple. Ferticity provides the best Hospital for top class treatment of surrogacy.

The surrogate mother carries the embryo in her womb and delivers the baby to the intended couple.

Now the very common question that comes in everybody’s mind who is looking for the surrogate for bearing their child is, whether their child will be genetically similar to the surrogate or to them?” or “Will the child born through surrogacy will  be genetically normal as compared to the ones born with normal pregnancy?”.

Surrogacy came out as a boon to the couples who are infertile and have problems in getting pregnant. And with the help of surrogacy, they can materialize their dream of becoming a parent. When the woman is unable to conceive due to any medical reasons or physical ailment, it is advised to go for IVF treatment or surrogacy if possible.

Who should opt for Surrogacy treatment in Delhi?

Here is the list of pointers on which you can decide, if you should opt for assisted reproduction treatments like IVF/ICSI, Surrogacy, etc.

+ Continued/repeated miscarriages
+ Couples who have not achieved success in fertility treatments like IVF/ICSI
+ Increased age
+ Hysterectomy (removal of uterus) for some reason
+ Abnormal Uterus

Last but not the least, the best surrogacy treatment in Delhi is also considered when the mother is exposed to the risk of life due to pregnancy. Complications like this urge you to choose between having a child of your own with your partner and carrying great risk to life or opting for surrogacy/assisted pregnancy treatment.

What is the process of surrogacy?

The process of surrogacy is not that simple. It involves three individuals in particular – the couple and the surrogate. During the process, eggs are retrieved from the female partner, and semen sample is collected from the male partner. The two samples are then kept in a culture dish for fertilization by IVF process. Post-fertilization, the embryo is implanted inside the uterus of the surrogate female for further development. After nine months of pregnancy, the surrogate hands over the baby to the couple.

All these processes are strictly done under the guidance of professional doctors who own ample of knowledge about these processes and how to perform them effectively without posing any risk to the patient.

What are the benefits of getting the best surrogacy treatment in Delhi?

Combined with the latest medical infrastructure and techniques, surrogacy in India comes out as an effective method for infertile couples to get pregnant. Are you searching for the best surrogacy treatment clinic in Delhi? Well, your search ends at Ferticity, the best surrogacy treatment in South Delhi. The treatment cost of surrogacy at Ferticity is reasonable and highly competitive and this is why it is the most popular surrogacy treatment centre in Delhi.

The expert doctors, IVF experts, and trained staff are proficient enough to carry out these complicated assisted pregnancy treatments so easily for their patients. So, live up your dream of becoming parents keeping aside the problem of infertility.


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