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Blastocyst Transfer IVF treatment in Delhi at Ferticity Fertility Clinic


What is a Blastocyst?


Blastocyst is the embryo of five to six days of age. This is produced in the lab during the IVF treatment in Delhi at Ferticity Fertility clinics in Delhi. Mother’s eggs and father’s sperms are fertilized in the lab and various embryos are produced. These embryos are then allowed to mature for upto five or six days to make the embryo healthier and stronger. This improves the chances of embryo to get implanted in the uterus resulting in a successful pregnancy. This blastocyst is then transferred in the mother’s womb and allowed to hatch.

The blastocyst has two types of cells, the outer ones develop into the placenta and the inner ones develop the baby. Blastocyst transfer can increase the chances of pregnancy to many folds thereby giving IVF the highest success rate than ever. 


How is Blastocyst Transfer different from Normal IVF procedure?


During the most IVF cases, the embryos are allowed to grow in the lab for upto two or three days. After which they are implanted in the uterus (mother’s womb) to hatch and result in a successful pregnancy. In IVF procedure a few embryos are implanted which sometimes results in twins. 


In Blastocyst transfer, the embryo is cultured for five days before transferring it to the uterus. With this process, only healthy growing embryos are transferred to the mother’s uterus. This eliminates the risk of multiple pregnancies as single embryo can also be transferred. 


What are the benefits of Blastocyst transfer?


  • Multiple pregnancies (twins or triplets etc) can be avoided 
  • Only healthy embryos are implanted in the uterus
  • Risk of genetic abnormalities reduces to a great extent
  • In a natural pregnancy, the embryo reaches the uterus on day six so it is more natural to transfer the blastocyst at this stage.

Who can benefit from Blastocyst Culture and Transfer?


  • Patients having recurrent failures of IVF
  • Females having healthy eggs and embryo
  • Patients using Frozen embryos can benefit from blastocyst transfer as well
  • If there are fewer embryos for transfer then they are allowed to grow upto five six days to enhance the chances of pregnancy.
  • Patients who have one child and don’t want multiple pregnancies can also benefit from blastocyst transfer. 

We at Ferticity, the best IVF clinic in Delhi transfer just one or two blastocysts at one time. As transferring more than two can lead to multiple pregnancies. Call us ( + 91 45890000 | 9910120674) for blastocyst transfer or any query regarding your IVF treatment in Delhi at Ferticity Fertility Clinics.  Book an appointment with Dr Ila Gupta or Dr Nalini Mahajan here. 



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