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Counselling Services

The journey of becoming a parent is an emotional one and sometimes it isn’t a smooth ride. Going
through fertility treatment, you may feel weighed down with emotional distress and it may feel as
though no one understands what you’re going through. In those difficult moments, we intend to be
your friend and support with whom you can freely express your concerns and emotions in a
supportive environment.
We’re sensitive to the emotional difficulties, fears and anxieties, or stress that you may experience
during your fertility journey, and we’re here to help you sail through it.
Through counseling, you are better equipped to cope, make informed choices and take control of
situations that cause you distress at different stages. We help you get through this emotional period of
your life by offering you a safe space where you can reflect on this significant emotional journey and
prep yourself mentally for the journey ahead. For a smooth voyage into the life of being parents,
counselling sessions have been planned, for each step of the process

Step 1: Investigation

During this phase, we try to help you process the information offered by the results of the tests that
locate the source of the problem. It is pivotal to accept the test results before attempting to go through
a fertility program. We will facilitate and guide you through this phase of acceptance.

Step 2: Ovum Pickup

It is common to experience anxiety, irritability, low mood, and a lot of sensitivity during the time of
ovum retrieval. We are there to help you through this phase to normalize the feelings and work past
them towards a successful procedure.

Step 3: Embryo Transfer

Since this is all new, you might experience mood fluctuations, headaches, hot flashes, future health
concerns, and decision-making problems. We will help you to go through these changes and develop
better coping strategies to combat the stress.

Step 4: Beta hCG Test

We will help you through the phase you may experience before the hCG test is done so that you are
well equipped to deal with the entire procedure and the psychological fallouts that might accompany

Step 5: Post Beta hCG Test

Since this phase is attempted only if the result of the previous one turns out negative, therefore, we
carefully take you through this emotional and stressful time. We help you go through the entire
process of accepting the outcome and overcome the stress and anxiety with relaxation techniques and
psychological therapies. This will also help you in contemplating about exploring other available

How it helps

 Ability to manage stress effectively
 Better communication between the couple
 Ability to make informed decisions through proper understanding of program and
psychological support
 Improvement in coping mechanisms
 Better understanding of self and preparedness for planning a family
We help you find hope, a feeling we must hold on to for a bright and new beginning.


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