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Embryoscope for High Success Rate of IVF in Delhi at Ferticity

Embryoscope is a revolutionary incubator to keep the embryos in perfect environment till they are ready to be transferred into the mother’s womb. This incubator allows the embryos to grow in a controlled environment that are similar to the mother’s womb. This allows the embryo to grow healthier and has a better chance of creating pregnancy after transfer. Embryoscope are a boon for patients going for IVF and have high number of abnormal growth or chromosomal abnormalities. It provides 24 hour monitoring and video facility to eliminate the need for manual handling.


How Embryoscope incubator helps in making IVF a success?


  • Embryoscope mimics the mother’s womb temperature allowing for perfect growth environment
  • Close monitoring of the embryos without taking them out allows them to remain undisturbed
  • Least to no manual handling prevents any chances of accidents
  • Better visibility of the embryos gives a fair idea about the chromosomal abnormalities in it, thereby preventing the implantation of abnormal embryos
  • Only the most healthy embryos are selected and transferred due to the precise monitoring

Whom can opt for embryoscope monitoring?


  • Any couple going through IVF procedure in Delhi 
  • Couple having a history of abnormal or weak embryos
  • Patients with repeated implant failures can increase they’re chances of pregnancy by opting for embryoscope with IVF
  • If the female are of the advanced maternal age than embryoscope may be needed
  • History of recurrent miscarriage requires embryoscope to prevent the trauma from getting repeated. 

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