ICSI is a procedure where a single sperm is picked up with a fine glass needle and is injected directly into each egg. This procedure is carried out in an IVF laboratory by experienced embryologists using specialised equipment ( micromanipulators ).This procedure is done in the presence of severe male infertility and also when egg numbers are low as the chances of failed fertilization decrease. ICSI does not however guarantee fertilization as the normal cellular events of fertilization  still need to occur.Best icsi treatment in delhi.

Steps  in IVF

  1. Counselling
  2. Blood tests to assess general health and ovarian reserve.
  3. Ultrasound and blood tests on day 2 of period before starting injections for egg development.
  4. Gonadotrophin Injections daily
  5. Follicular monitoring by ultrasound after 4 days initially and then more frequently till eggs are ready approximately 18-20 mm in diameter.
  6. Blood test to confirm that eggs are ready.
  7. Injection of HCG – time specific. Generally given late night.
  8. Egg retrieval 36 hours after HCG under general anaesthesia.
  9. Pre anaesthetic  check-up is done before the egg pick up procedure.
  10. ET after 3/5 days of egg retrieval.
  11. Pregnancy test is done by blood test (Beta HCG) after 15 days.