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ICSI Treatment in Delhi at Ferticity Fertility Clinic

What is ICSI Treatment?


ICSI stands for IntraCytoplasmic Sperm Injection. In this fertility technique, a single motile healthy sperm is taken and injected in the eggs. This boosts the chances of fertilization and gives hope to the males with infertility problems such as sperm count and infertility. This is an ART that is Assisted Reproductive Technology for couple facing infertility issues specially male infertility. Ferticity is known for the best ICSI treatment in Delhi, India as well as the best IVF clinic in delhi


How is ICSI successful in low sperm count patients?


The patient having less number of sperm (oligospermia) are likely to suffer from infertility issues. ICSI procedure helps in such cases, the sperm are retrieved from the patient and one healthiest sperm is located in the lab. This sperm is then injected in the egg of the female partner in the lab. This process is known as ICSI and it is a boon for males for low sperm count.


Who can get the Benefit of ICSI to make their partner pregnant?


  • Patients suffering from low sperm count (oligospermia)
  • Patients having decreases sperm motility 
  • Low fertilization rate between the eggs and sperms
  • Patient unable to ejaculate sperms (sperm retrieval techniques are performed first)
  • Low Ovarian reserve in female partner 


How many sperm are required for the ICSI procedure?


Only one healthy sperm is required for the procedure to create an embryo. 


Is it available at Ferticity IVF Centre in Delhi?


Yes, ICSI is available at ferticity IVF centre (best ICSI treatment clinic in Delhi) and we perform it in routine with a high success rate. 


What is the success rate of ICSI?


The success rate of ICSI at ferticity is higher than other fertility centres in delhi. It is more than 80% , which ferticity is known for. 


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