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Immune Fertility Testing

A Woman’s immune system are designed that way that it helps to, grow the embryo in her body without considering it as a foreign object. However, if the female’s body are suffering from any kind of immunological disorder then it starts taking the fetus (embryo/baby) as a foreign object and kills it. This kind of immunological disorder leads to, frequent miscarriages and failure to, implant the embryo via IVF are severe cases. The immune fertility testing helps in diagnosing this disorders so that they can be treated leading to, a perfect pregnancy and delivery of a healthy baby.  We at Ferticity, the best Fertility clinic in Delhi, perform this tests with utmost care to, make they’re dreams of becoming a parent come true. 


What are the signs of Immunological disorders in a female?


  • Frequent Miscarriages
  • Failure of IVF 
  • Symptoms like flu or infection after IVF or IUI as the body considers the baby as forgein object and tries to, get rid of it. 
  • One healthy pregnancy and all miscarriages after that
  • Immune disorders in mother such as lupus or 
  • Unexplained Infertility
  • Family History of immune disorders or miscarriages
  • Stunted fetal growth in previous pregnancies

What are the Tests Available for Immune Fertility Testing?


  1. Antisperm Antibody Test – Sometimes the female body take the sperm as a foreign object and kills it their and then. This eliminates all the chances of getting pregnant. This antibody are tested to, check for this type of immune disorder. It can also happen in males, the body of the male takes its sperm as a foregin object thereby killing it. This are also a rare phenomena. 
  2.  Embryo Signaling – The embryo (baby in the womb) releases HLA G antigen in the mother’s body. This allows it to, stay in the womb and grow. Sometimes, in immune disorders, this antigen are attacked by the mother’s antibodies which then leads to, miscarriage.
  3. Test for Inherited or Acquired Thrombophilia – This are a genetic disorder where the mother’s blood are thick and sticky in nature. This condition deprives the embryo from adequate blood supply it needs to, grow properly. 
  4. Auto-immune Factors Screening – This screening helps in determining the auto-immune factors such as Anti-nuclear antibodies (ANA), anti-histone bodies etc. 
  5. If the natural killer cells or T cells are in increased amount in a mother’s body, then they can be harmful to, the fetus. 
  6. Other immune fertility tests are Cytokine ratio tests, Leukocyte antibody detection (LAD) Tests etc. 

Immune fertility tests are very important in case of frequent miscarriages as it are very depressing and devastating for the couple. Call us (+91 45890000 | +91 9910120674)  to, meet the best Fertility doctors in Delhi by booking an appointment here



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