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Frequently Asked Questions

  • When there is failed attempts of ICSI
  • Male partner have shape abnormality in the sperms
  • Previous failed fertilization attempts

In IMSI procedure the sperms are tested while using a high powered digital microscope that can enlarge the sperm image upto 6000 to 8000 times thereby allowing the fertility specialists to examine the sperm meticulously for any shape deformity and size abnormalities. Such thorough examination allows the fertility specialist to choose the best sperm for the fertilization process in ICSI.

It is advised and advocated to increase the fertilisation rates and normal embryo development in men with severe male factor subfertility, such as

  • Men with high number of morphologically abnormal sperm
  • Sperm retrieved from testes
  • Poor outcomes with previous ICSI treatments

Yes, according to many proven records, the IMSI procedure improves the embryo development and clinical outcomes of sperm microinjection in the same infertile couples with male infertility and poor embryo development over the previous ICSI attempts.

Clinical IMSI is a successful IVF approach that produces excellent clinical outcomes such as higher implantation and pregnancy rates than traditional ICSI.

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