A couple should consult an infertility specialist if they have been unable to conceive after a year of unprotected intercourse. If the woman’s age is above 30 years (Indian and Asian women) consultation should be sought within 6 months. Ferticity provides the best Infertility Treatment in Delhi with the best Consultation for ivf in Delhi.For Caucasian women this age is set at 35 years. This is due to the fact that Indian and Asian women have lower pregnancy rates than Caucasian’s following infertility treatment.

The intent of first meeting is to do a basic evaluation of the couple for fertility.

For the male partner this involves a semen analysis.

For the woman 4 things have to be established

  1. Is she forming an egg during her cycle? Remember that cycles may be anovulatory (no egg formation) even if the menstrual cycle is completely regular.
  2. Are her fallopian tubes open? Fallopian tubes perform the very important task of picking up the egg after ovulation, hosting it in its lumen for fertilization and then shifting the embryo into the uterus for further growth.
  3. Are all the hormones that orchestrate these events normal?
  4. Is the uterus normal – as it has to allow implantation of the embryo and nurture the foetus for the next 9 months?

Basic evaluation there includes semen analysis, ultrasound for confirming ovulation and uterine problems, blood tests for thyroid, prolactin and ovarian reserve (FSH, LH, E2 & AMH) and test for tubal patency. Tubal patency can be tested through HSG – which is an X-ray based dye test or SSG – an ultrasound based test. Laparoscopy evaluation is the gold standard and done under anaesthesia. It is done when abnormality is suspected or if any additional problem ( eg. endometriotic cyst) is seen on ultrasound.

Advice on management is given based on the test results.