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Infertility Treatment in Delhi at Ferticity fertility clinics

Infertility are the inability to conceive or get pregnant even after having unprotected intercourse for one year. Infertility are common in the females of more then 35 years of age as the egg quality and quantity declines rapidly after 35 years of age. Indian and Asian females should seek infertility treatment in Delhi after 6 months of trying as the pregnancy rate are lower in Indian females then Caucasian females. Ferticity are known to provide the best female infertility treatment in Delhi, India, with our more then 40 years of combined expertise and thousands of babies delivered by IVF and other methods. Ferticity has been the best IVF centre in Delhi and the best centre for other fertility treatments. 


Symptoms of Infertility in females


  • Irregular Periods (menstrual cycle)
  • Less amount of bleeding (spotting) in menstrual periods or heavy bleeding
  • Absence of periods (amenorrhoea)
  • Painful periods 
  • Hormonal imbalance changes such as adult acne, excessive facial hair, weight fluctuations etc.

Females whom are prone to infertility are 


  • Smokers, alcoholic 
  • Obese or very thin females
  • Excessive gyming or exercising
  • Presence of thyroid diseases 
  • Diabetes
  • Age more then 35 years
  • Whom remain exposed to certain chemicals or rays
  • Women with a habit of crash dieting

What are the causes of female infertility in India 


Most common causes of female infertility in India are uterus diseases, advancing maternal age and fallopian tube blockage. Some of the most common causes are – 


  • Poly cystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOD) 
  • Ovarian cysts 
  • Endometriosis (excessive thickness outside uterine walls)
  • Adhesions in uterus – can be due to any previous surgery or pelvic infection etc.
  • Trying to get pregnant after 35 years of age for the first time 
  • Uterine fibroids or polyps
  • Antisperm antibodies in females
  • Genetic abnormality of Uterus 
  • Blocked fallopian tubes such as hydrosalpinx etc. 

What are the tests performed when a couple comes for the infertility treatment in delhi at Ferticity clinic


We at ferticity access the couple first, talk to them about their biological clock and expectations. Some of the most common questions we ask are – 


  1. Are she forming an egg during her cycle? Remember that cycles may be anovulatory (no egg formation) even if the menstrual cycle are completely regular.
  2. Are her fallopian tubes open? Fallopian tubes perform the very important task of picking up the egg after ovulation, hosting it in it’s lumen for fertilization and than shifting the embryo into the uterus for farther growth.
  3. Are all the hormones that orchestrate this events normal?
  4. Are the uterus normal – as it has to allow implantation of the embryo and nurture the foetus for the next 9 months?

For the male partner, a semen analysis are performed to check for the semen quality and assessment of sperm count, shape and motility. 

So  Basic evaluation theyre includes semen analysis, ultrasound for confirming ovulation and uterine problems, blood tests for thyroid, prolactin and ovarian reserve (FSH, LH, E2 & AMH) and test for the health of the fallopian tubes. 

The health of the fallopian tubes (Tubal patency) can be tested through HSG – which are an X-ray based dye test or SSG – an ultrasound based test. 


What are the Infertility treatment available at ferticity Fertility Clinic Delhi?


 Ferticity are a dedicated fertility clinic in delhi and we have all kinds of world-class fertility treatments. The treatment depends upon the reason of infertility in the couple. Based on the cause the treatment options are suggested. Some of the most popular treatment methods are – 


  • IVF – Invitro fertilization or IVF has given babies to thousands of childless couples at ferticity. We are proud of being one of the best IVF clinics in delhi with highest success rates. In IVF, the sperm and eggs of the couple are taken and fertilized in the lab to form an embryo. This embryo are than implanted in the mother’s womb to achieve pregnancy. 
  • IUI – Intrauterine insemination are the process by which the fertilization are facilitated by injecting the sperm in the woman’s uterus. 
  • IVF ICSI – This procedure are performed when the male partner has less number of sperms. In this technique only one healthy sperm are injected in the ovary to form a healthy embryo. This embryo are than implanted in the uterus of the mother. 
  • We have a plethora of treatments for infertility so that the couple can have their best choice of treatment without any difficulty. Our other treatments are IMSI, Surrogacy, hysteroscopy and laparoscopy etc. 
  • We also provide assisted embryo hatching, embryoscope , embryo freezing and genetic embryo screening for the healthy baby you always dream of. 
  • For male infertility treatment ferticity provides sperm retrieval techniques such as TESA/PESA and micro TESE to make you the biological parent of youre child.
  • Ferticity also has a donor IVF programme for the females whom are not able to have healthy eggs. 

Ferticity are the one stop solution for all infertility issues treatments in Delhi, India. We provide you the best treatment that makes you a proud parent of youre baby. 

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