We understand that seeking medical treatment outside your home country can be a physically and emotionally exhausting experience, and we know that it can be a stressful too.We at Ferticity Fertility Clinics assist patients in planning and preparing their travel itinerary to the hospital. We also take the effort to not only provide you with world-class medical treatment and procedures but ensure you feel at home and comfortable throughout your care with us. Our doctors and nursing staff are a team of compassionate and experienced medical professionals well-versed with the needs of patients with diverse backgrounds and varying treatment needs.

Ferticity Fertility Clinics offers the following assistance to international patients:

2 Hour Response Time on any query

  • Patient sends a query and/or reports.
  • The consultant provides diagnosis, proposed treatment and estimate.
  • If required, a telephonic meeting may also be arranged.
  • Patient confirms if he wants to have treatment at Ferticity Fertility Clinics to provide Visa Facilitation Letter.



 When planning on travelling abroad, it is imperative to prepare and bring along the

necessary documents required to ensure a smooth and hassle-free experience.

Here is a list of documents you need to bring before your departure to India:

  • Your health/medical history report(s) or any statements relating to the past or ongoing treatment sessions.
  • Copies of Vaccination Certificates (Yellow Fever, Polio, etc.), immunization records, prescriptions, and relevant medical documents including records of previous treatments. Make sure you have these medical reports and associated medication with you at all times in your bag or carry-on luggage.
  • Passports and Visas are a must; check us for Visa requirements, depending on the country you are travelling from.
  • Bring along local currency, traveler’s checks, and/or credit and debit cards.
  • Bring along your driver’s license or any other forms of identification, even if you may not plan on using them. The additional identification ensures your proof of identity when requested.

Foreign patients can refer to India’s Bureau of Immigration website to learn more about visa requirements here: http://boi.gov.in/content/registration-requirements-foreign-national.



Ferticity Fertility Clinic mantra is Tender Loving Care and we believe it should start from your arrival. Patients can ask for arrange airport assistance and transfers for our clients.

Your Stay in India

We have tie-up with hotels/ guest houses/ service apartments in the vicinity of the hospital for our international patients. We share the list of the same in advance with our patients. They can do the booking directly or let us know to do the same on their behalf.

If you have any questions regarding fertility treatment at Ferticity Fertility Clinic, or would like to schedule a second opinion over phone/email/skype, please call please call

Phone Number: +91 458 90 000, +91 9910 120 670

Email: info@ferticity.com