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Laparoscopic Surgery for infertility treatment in Delhi at Ferticity fertility clinic

Laparoscopy is a minimal invasive surgery performed to treat fibroids, cysts, dilated fallopian tubes and other uterine abnormalities. These abnormalities are a big reason behind infertility in females and they are treated laparoscopically by our experts. Laparoscopy is mostly an outpatient procedure or may require 24 hour hospitalization in few cases. Treatment by this minimal invasive technique allows faster patient recovery and higher chances of fertility. 


How Laparoscopy is performed for fertility Treatment?


A tube like probe is inserted by making a small incision in or near the navel area of the patient. General anesthesia is given to the patient to make the procedure more comfortable for her. The laparoscope has a light and a camera attached to it. The light source helps in visualising the reproductive organs and the camera provides a view to the surgeon. The laparoscopic surgeon can see the outer area of uterus, fallopian tubules, ovaries and in general the whole reproductive system. 

The pathology is traced, such as the adhesions and they are removed with the helps of the probe. Then the probe is taken out and the incision is closed. 


What conditions can be treated laparoscopically to boost fertility?


  • PCOS (poly cystic ovarian syndrome) – Ovarian drilling is performed laparoscopically, which means the excessive thickness around the ovary is removed. This leads to normal release of one egg per cycle, and helps in boosting fertility. 
  • Ovarian Cysts treatment – the cysts are removed by laparoscopy thereby clearing the field and providing better chances of fertilization. 
  • Hydrosalpinx treatment – In this condition the fallopian tubes of the patient are filled with a watery fluid. This blocks the fallopian tube which prevents the fertilization and thereby pregnancy. These blockages are opened by laparoscopy which allows the normal fertilization process to happen. 
  • Endometriosis – endometriosis is the excessive growth on the outside of the uterus. This excessive growth or thickness is removed in this surgical procedure. 
  • Other conditions such as myomectomy (fibroid removal), adhesions removal and adenomyosis (thickness inside the uterine wall) etc can be treated by laparoscopy as well. 

Advantages of Laparoscopy Surgery for infertility treatment 


  • Minimal Invasive treatment
  • Faster Recovery 
  • Boosts fertility
  • Normalizes the menstrual cycle
  • Increases the chances of a natural pregnancy
  • It also increases the chances of a successful IVF treatment

Ferticity Fertility Clinics is helping couples to have babies since decades. We provide the best care with minimal invasive treatments and the perfect cost-effective solution for your infertility treatment. 

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