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Frequently Asked Questions

If sperm are found during micro-TESE, they are extracted and frozen for future reproductive treatment, such as intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI). The whole operation usually takes around one hour.

  • Obtain the best quality sperm.
  • Get enough sperm to fertilize eggs from a woman.
  • Minimize damage to the reproductive organs.

In the hands of a trained professional, MicroTESE is a safe therapy that allows infertile men with NOA to father children. However, unselected candidates with NOA are advised at the outset that only 17.9% will eventually become biological fathers.

When the sperm retrieved through Micro Tese are used for fertilization of an egg inside the cytoplasm, the process is called Microtese ICSI. It is a well-known technique used in ICSI

  • Males having no sperms in their semen but have them in their testicles
  • Non obstructive azoospermic males
  • Patients looking for sperm retrieval for IVF
  • Patients who are in need of just one healthy sperm for IVF ICSI

With micro-TESE, successful sperm retrieval has been recorded in men up to 63% of men, whereas conventional and more limited sperm retrieval procedures have reported success rates from 20% to 45%.

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