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Eggs and Embryo Freezing

Eggs and embryo freezing process is not new and is quite successful in creating pregnancies when used. Theses freezing techniques are also known as cryopreservation. Egg freezing involves the freezing of eggs of a female after retrieval, this helps even single/divorced women to preserve their eggs for later use. 

In embryo freezing, sperm and ovaries are fertilized and embryo is created in the lab. These embryos are then preserved for future use in the lab by the process of either slow cooling or vitrification (rapid cooling). Ferticity, being the best egg and embryo freezing clinic in Delhi has been doing this cryopreservation for a very long time, that too with high success rates. 


How are the Eggs and Embryos stored for freezing?


After the ovarian reserve testing, the female is given the ovulation inducer medicines in order to collect many eggs at one time.

Then these eggs are retrieved by using a simple procedure under general anesthesia by passing a needle like probe through vaginal opening.

The retrieved eggs are then stored at -196 degree temperature in liquid nitrogen after injecting with a cryoprotectant. This cryoprotectant prevents the formation of crystals. These are then preserved like this till the time they are thawed to use. 

In case of embryo preservation, the eggs are fertilized with the sperm and the embryos are formed. These embryos are then preserved the same way as the eggs.


What are the benefits of Egg Freezing?


  • Single women who don’t want to get married right now can preserve their fertility by freezing eggs for later use.
  • Females facing any medical issues that can hamper their fertility such as endometriosis, cancers (uterine, breast etc) can benefit from egg freezing to get pregnant after the completion of their treatment.
  • Divorced females (whose biological clock is ticking but fertility is not a choice at the moment)

What are the benefits of Embryo Freezing?


  • Embryo freezing can give chances of fertility to the couple who are not ready to have children right now.
  • Embryo freezing provides a chance to the females undergoing some treatments that can hamper their fertility 
  • Healthy embryo once frozen can be thawed whenever implanting is needed. The chances of achieving pregnancy are almost equal or even better than the fresh embryos. 

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