The essential components to reproduction are egg, the sperm ; the fallopian tubes and uterus. In natural conception , the egg after ovulation reaches the fallopian tube where it meets the sperm and fertilization occurs. The fertilized embryo then travels from the tubes towards the uterine cavity for implantation.


Tests performed for evaluation of uterine cavity are HSG, SSG and Hysteroscopy. The hysterosalpingogram (HSG) is a test performed in conjunction with a radiologist. A cannula I inserted in the cervix and radio-opaque dye is pushed inside the uterine cavity which passes on to the fallopian tubes. This test gives us information on tubal potency and for the evaluation of uterine cavity.


Saline infusion, sonography (SSG): This is an OPD procedure where a small catheter is placed in cervix and its balloon is inflated and saline is instilled into the uterus for visualisation of uterine cavities to diagnose endometrial polyp, fibroids, hydrosalpinges.