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Hormone therapy is defined as the hormonal treatment, which is available to treat the hormonal imbalance caused in women. Hormonal imbalance is the attribute which is taken as the main cause behind the inability to have children. Though, hormonal changes affect both men and women, but in most cases, therapy is being applied to women only.

Hormone therapy is known to promote the egg maturation that helps in triggering ovulation. It is believed that with the help of hormone therapy, one can experience the rise in the fertilization success rate. Though, the effect of the treatment depends upon the age of the women and the extent of the hormonal disturbance, the therapy works towards improving the situation.

When hormonal therapy is required?

Women, who have been dealing with impaired egg maturation problems or suffering from impaired or no ovulation at all, required the hormone therapy. Most cases call for the imbalance between male hormones and female hormones. As a result, egg follicles either mature to a small size or do not mature at all.

In some cases, thyroid hormones also affect the women’s health. Normal thyroid levels are important for a healthy and uninterrupted pregnancy. To treat the above and related types of hormonal imbalances, hormone therapy is advised.

How can the hormone therapy treat infertility?

The hormone therapy works in a 3-way process followed as:

  • Detailed diagnosis: A detailed diagnosis is followed during the menstrual cycle. During the diagnosis, the doctor keeps a check on the hormonal imbalance, keeping an eye on the frequency of the imbalance caused. Throughout the tests, ultrasound technique is used to monitor the causes, which is followed by the next step, i.e. beginning the therapy.
  • Therapy begins: With the commencement of therapy, the medicine is provided to the patient either orally in the form of tablets or through injections.
  • Ovulation and fertilisation: After the injections are injected or medicine is transferred in the body, it starts resulting in follicular development that helps in ovulation and fertilisation.

Though interfering with the hormones in the body is quite challenging, but if the process is followed in a correction action, it can lead to assured success in the form of ovulation.

Doctors applying the hormone therapy keep a constant watch on the egg maturation and the hormone levels. This is done to prevent any excessive change, which could lead to serious health hazard.

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