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IVF stands for In vitro fertilization i.e. fertilization of egg with sperm taking place outside the body. Fertilized embryo is grown in the lab and transferred back into the womb on the Day 2 or Day 3 or Day 5 of the ovum pick up.

On which patients IVF is done?

Females with factors such as tubal factors infertility, multiple failed IUI, immunogenic, or hormonal factors and unexplained infertility. Males with low quality sperms in semen, oligospermia, azoospermia, erectile dysfunction etc.

What preparation should be done for IVF?

There are some blood tests to check the hormonal status and the functions of the male and female reproductive organs. Basic ultrasound to check for ovarian reserve and uterus. For husband semen analysis should be done. A procedure known as hysteroscopy which involves placing a small telescope inside the uterus is also done to check for cavity from inside.

Hormonal injections are started from Day 2 of the bleeding to produce multiple eggs. It takes 9-10 days on an average for the eggs to get ready. Eggs are retrieved transvaginally under general anaesthesia as a day care procedure. There is no cut, no stitch during the procedure. Patient is discharged on the same day. Male partner is asked to give semen sample to fertilize the egg. Fertilization status is checked after 17- 18 hrs. Embryos are grown in the lab. Depending on the number and quality of embryos , transfer of the embryo is decided ( We do not transfer more than 3 embryos or more than 2 blastocysts). Extra good quality embryos are frozen for use in future.

What precautions should be taken post Embryo Transfer

Patient is advised to follow routine activities. Heavy weights should not be lifted. Stress should be avoided. Strict adherence to the medicines prescribed is advised for the better outcome.

When is the pregnancy test performed?

A Pregnancy test is performed 2 weeks after the embryo transfer.

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