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In todays society with the advent of education and career opportunities of women, the priority to start a family becomes secondary. Often, when working women decide to start their family , they are already in their mid thirties. This means they may have low number of eggs . Often the male partner may have decreased sperm numbers. The treatments for fertility and advances in reproductive technology have opened the doors for many couples who struggle with infertility. One such option is that of In Vitro Fertilization (IVF).

Can I Undergo IVF And Also Do My Job Without Compromise ?

Yes. IVF is a procedure which can be scheduled according to patients preference. In this procedure , hormonal injections are given make eggs from the ovaries. These injections can be taken by oneself at home , or can be done at nearby clinic . It takes around 10 days of injections for the eggs to get ready. The growth of eggs is monitored by ultrasound which does not require long time to perform and can be scheduled before going to office or according to work timings of the patient. Once these follicles have grown to the right size, an egg collection procedure is scheduled. It is a minor procedure which involves putting a needle transvaginally under ultrasound guidance to collect eggs from the ovary . There is no cut or stitch . Since ovum pick up is done under anaesthesia, it requires half day admission to the hospital. Once the eggs are taken out, they are injected with sperm of the partner, to create embryos. These embryos are then transferred back to the uterus on either day 3 or day 5 of pick up, according to number and quality of embryos. On the day of embryo transfer, only requirement is a full urinary bladder. It is a short procedure which involves no anaesthesia or any cut. The patient is asked to rest for an hour before discharge, and she can resume her office . A pregnancy test is advised after 2 weeks of the embryo transfer. The only precautions one needs to take while undergoing IVF is to have a healthy diet, plenty of fluids and a stress free life. Other precaution is not to lift heavy weights after the embryo transfer.

A woman who is undergoing IVF along with work commitments, family responsibilities needs to understand that IVF can be done without interference with job schedule and one does not have to take a break or leave their job for IVF. Infact, with right psychological support and motivation, one may come out stronger than before and of course a life long dream of being a parent fulfilled!!!

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